FH St Pölten

  • Role Student
  • For University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten
  • URL www.fhstp.ac.at

Web-App “City Travellers”

This AngularJS Application visualizes the distances and travelling times between the most important argentine/austrian cities (hover over the connection lines between the cities). I had the idea for this app because a lot of European travellers underestimate the huge distances in my home country Argentina. Used Technologies: AngularJS, Leaflet.js, Google Docs API.
Presentation: http://slides.com/gabylucano/app-citytravellers#/

Smartwatch App “Simplay” – control your TV, Stereo and radio using your Smartwatch.
In this group project for the seminar “Interaction Design” we developed a paper-based prototype for a smartwatch app that controls media devices. After testing the prototype with potential users we refined the design in Adobe Illustrator and developed an actual app prototype using the Android Wear API.

Address Book Friends App (Angular JS)
I used this simple address book project to teach myself the basics of AngularJS.

MANOS ARGENTINAS: Communication concept for a new responsive website (Masterklasse Grafik Design)

mobile version

Re-design of the Masterklasse Grafik Design blog

Psychomotorik Österreich
in this semester project for our Masterklasse “Grafik Design” I designed and developed a Contao-based website for the Austrian Psychokinetic Association (Psychomotorik Österreich). My design made it on the three-entry shortlist from which the actual implementation was chosen. Technologies used: Contao/Typo3 CMS, Illustrator/Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Javascript.

Corporate Identity (course Masterklasse Grafik Design)

Editorial Design (course Masterklasse Grafik Design)

Poster/Advertising for a new magazine (course Masterklasse Grafik Design)

Book cover (Masterklasse Grafik Design)

Telling Stories with data – Refugees and Asylum seekers in Austria

In June 2015 we had our one-week summer school workshop “Telling Stories with data”, in which we explored the possibility of visualizing open data using infographics. We worked in a 4 person project group on the hot topic “Asylum seekers in Austria” and imported open data on asylum application numbers and the origin of the refugees (https://github.com/OKFNat/data/tree/master/asyl). We were taught by a professional statistican and information/motion designers and used software like Tableau Public, Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to bring some reason in the heated debate about the status of refugees in austria.

Infographic (seminar Grafik Design)